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Viceroy Coaches - The prefect place to find low cost coach hire options anywhere in Essex. If you have a special occasion coming up and you would love to be able to hire a coach to add a stylish finishing touch, you need to contact us here at Viceroy Coaches right now for an affordable coach hire quote.


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Corporate Officer Wanted / Job Offer / Apply Now / with or w

ID: 166265
Language of advertisement : English
Areas of activity: Administration, management
Work experience : no experience
Text: - We are a boutique recruitment agency that recruits selective personnel whit or without experience to act as nominee directors and shareholders.

-Nominee directors and shareholders are required by international companies, or professionals such as lawyers or accountants.

-There are various legitimate reasons for using a nominee director and shareholder arrangement.

-Remuneration can come in one of the 3 forms, director’s fees, or salary, or a percentage of quarterly profits.

-Please submit your resume for future consideration to :


-We will certainly keep you in mind and contact you if a position becomes available that matches your profile.

Thanks for your interest!
Price £:
Corporate Officer Wanted / Job Offer / Apply Now / with or w


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hi thats great

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