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Investment offer for private entrepreneurs

ID: 145808
Language of advertisement : English
Action: For sale
Text: Investment offer for private entrepreneurs:
An investment fund set up for service investments worth 2 million euros.
Minimum investment level of 2 million euros (98% of the investment)
own 2% of the contribution investment contractor
commission of 6% of the investment value of the
arrangement fee - after signing the contract of 500 per 1 million gross investment, not more than 75,000 - the upper limit of the royalty without the amount of the
45-day investment decision
project evaluation procedure, the platform of choice international project
insurance project 0.89% of the project
for 20 years to finance

basic technical elements of financing:
- the cost of 2.5% of capital - 3.5% (BP Please 3.5% assumes),
- Successful commission fees - 6% (BP cost-qualified element),
- maximum repayment period -240 months,
- minimum own part in cash - 2%
- insurance -0.89%,
- registered commitment on shares / units -. dot ad hoc company set up for the project,
- the fund does not care about actions and does not participate in operational project management
- the contractor has full control over the management of your business.

A fund dedicated to investments worth 25 million euros.

Minimum investment level Of 25 million euros (98.5% of the investment)
Own contribution of the contractor 1.5% of the value of the investment
Commission 2% of the value of the investment
Preparation Fee - After Contract Signing None
Investment decision Immediately after
diligent analysis Project evaluation procedure Dedicated investment committee
Insurance project None
Financing up to 30 years

Whatsapp: +90 536 7311000
E.mail: contact@partness-investor.com
Price £: 2000
RH6 0HP map
Center of city
Biggin Hill
Investment offer for private entrepreneurs

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